Freelance PPC Consultant

Not just more leads... better leads.

Georgie Taylor-Hall

I am a Freelance PPC Consultant who has over 2 years of experience in the industry.

Having executed numerous successful campaigns, I harness the power of Google Ads to drive targeted traffic to your website.

My focus is on generating high-quality leads for clients across a diverse range of industries. Regardless of budget constraints, I am dedicated to continuously optimising accounts and maximising the value of every penny spent. 


PPC Management

With our weekly account management, continuous optimisation and fine-turning, your ads will attract better leads. 

PPC Audits

Looking to boost the effectiveness of your ads? From simple avoidable mistakes to tweaks of your strategy, I'll conduct an in-depth analysis of your account and deliver a detailed set of recommendations aimed at enhancing your account's performance, ultimately optimising your ROI. 

Small Budget PPC

Considering PPC but working with a limited budget? No problem! Even small budgets can deliver outstanding results. 




Wedding Venue

  • 45+ Leads Per Month
  • 17% Click Through Rate (CTR) 
  • Cost Per Conversion reduced by 21%



  • 90+ leads per month 
  • Over 2,000 Clicks A Month
  • Ads in the top 4 positions 90% of the time


Lincolnshire, UK